About Martine

I live and work in Kortrijk , Belgium . My themes are nature and the live model.


I express my feelings by rendering - with my own visual language - impressions of scenery that I experienced. This can be both figurative and more abstract.

Important for me is light and darkness , balance in color and composition. I paint with acrylic on canvas now. Usually, a repetitive structure of different horizontal layers of paint on one another , transparent and / or opaque, sometimes interrupted by a subtle line.

With a remarkable glazing technique resulting in vibrant , soothing compositions , by the tight nature of the building give a monumental appearance at work.

Live Model

Another theme that fascinates me is the living model . The dialogue between figuration and abstraction is always present here. The paintings from living models are largely figurative. They show fragments of reality , by my way of representation , abstract and sometimes strange.